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J REESE (The High Priest), Head Engineer and CEO of Studio1515. The greater portion of his life has been dedicated to his craft and to date he has worked with hundreds of recording artists (signed and unsigned). For over a decade, he's been working in the Wilmington, NC area winning awards from Beat Battles, Music Production and Engineering - showing no signs of slowing down. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the music industry and has proven time and time again that he knows how to make hit records. J.REESE now aims to help upcoming music producers and artists achieve goals that were seemingly unimaginable in the past with the old business models of the industry. As we all adapt to the ever-evolving digital world, Studio 1515 has grown into 1515 Universe. With the help of J.REESE and his team, artists and producers can now access the same level of resources and support that major label artists have, but with a personal touch that only a boutique studio can offer. From recording and mixing, to mastering and distribution, J.REESE and the team at 1515 Universe are dedicated to helping artists achieve their full potential. In today's digital age, the music industry is constantly changing, and it can be difficult for emerging artists and producers to navigate. Studio1515 and J.REESE's vision for 1515 Universe is to provide a platform for these artists to showcase their talents and reach new audiences. With a state-of-the-art facility, the latest equipment, and experienced engineers and producers, 1515 Universe is the perfect place for artists and producers to create, record, and promote their music. The team at 1515 Universe is dedicated to helping emerging artists and producers succeed and make their mark in the industry.


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