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Providing Recording Artists the opportunity to generate greater profits from their craft. This is your opportunity to finally be in control of your art. 

Here we provide studio recording / mixing services, custom beats, consultation, and will help you turn your content into NFT's and sell them.





The Head Engineer
and CEO of 1515 Media 

reese bio pic_edited.png

This all started in 2005, when two people from opposite ends of the music spectrum collaborated to start a music studio. Adam Hugel (a guitarist in a Death Metal band) and J.REESE (a music producer specializing in Hip-Hop) came together to open Studio1515 - originally located on 1515 Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, NC. 

Not long after this collaboration, Studio 1515 turned into the music scene in SouthEast North Carolina and brought the Port City together through music. All the while, this collaboration gave both Adam & Reese a broader look at the industry from two different genres and markets. This led to countless Hip Hop and Metal shows (Mixed) that were a huge local success, growing 1515's popularity.

Meet J REESE (The High Priest), Head Engineer and CEO of Studio1515. The greater portion of his life has been dedicated to his craft and to date he has worked with hundreds of recording artists (signed and unsigned). For over a decade, he's been working in the Wilmington, NC area winning awards from Beat Battles, Music Production and Engineering - showing no signs of slowing down. 

Now he now aims to help upcoming music producers and artists achieve goals that were seemingly unimaginable in the past with the old business models of the industry. As we all adapt to the ever-evolving digital world, Studio 1515 has grown into 1515 Universe.



It soon became apparent that despite providing recording artists with professional quality product, the average artist had no idea how to market and sell their own product. The aim of 1515 Media is to provide artists with not just service but consultation that educates and assists them in reaching their goals in music. Music Publishing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and NFT Creation are just a few of the services we offer. This is what elevated Studio 1515 to 1515 Media and on to 1515 Universe.

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1122 13th St.
Wilmington, NC 28401
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