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5,000 Year Old Stonehenge of Spain exposed after a 500 year record high temperatures and droughts.😮

Europe has been going through it.They have been experiencing 500 year high temperatures, as a result a lot of places in Europe has experience unusual tryouts. One of these droughts has exposed a 5000 year old Stonehenge type of arrangement in Spain.

This new lead discover stone arrangement has the fuck historians and scientists both. They are now researching and studying the site that has been newly excavated by the drought caused by record high temperatures in Europe.

So what is a Stonehenge?? To understand it better since we have an idea of what stone is. Maybe we need to define what the word hinge mean first.


nouna prehistoric monument consisting of a circle of stone or wooden uprights.

so according to definition this is in fact a Stonehenge.

The next question that may need answers, is who built them and why. The most popular Stonehedge is located in England and then he would think that this is the only Stonehenge that exist. But this is not true in fact Georgia had a Stonehenge at one time until recently blown up by unknown vandalize. it will be interesting to see what this new Stonehenge and Spain may uncover or gravel we will keep you posted as the story develops.



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