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Multiple Short Videos of your song can create more results !!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I came across this video and at first glance I thought he was reaching but….. He may have a point.

Are music videos over rated ?

Are music videos effective?

These are good questions to ask while planning your next release . Of course the suggestion isn’t to cut out music videos all together , What’s suggested is instead make 60 videos ( 😮) . But how is this possible and it also sound like a contradiction but wait . The advice suggests artists to make short 15 sec videos instead of the entire song .

His suggestion is to take one part of the song (15s) and make hella short videos from the same audio clip. Then after the awareness is made and attention gained then you drop a full length video that has already made waves .

comment below : what are your thoughts ? what is your strategy for releasing your music videos? Do you feel this idea may work for you ???

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