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Artists and Producers join 1515 Universe NOW!

Be the first onboard of a growing community of Recording Artists and Producers. We are at the First stage of the official Release of . We ask that not only our clients of Studio1515 join but other artists as well. We are also looking for Recording Studios and Engineers that might be interested in outsource work .

As a Artist you will be able to use our services to add value or create and nurture your brand. We will continually update our services to meet your needs. As technology advance we will keep you up to par to be a competitive force in in the industry .

Distribution Service : Let us help you manage your own label . Why pay upfront or yearly to sell your Music . We understand how this may discourage a artist in her/his beginning stages. Our model is simple we help you set up your label and distribute it to all major and minor platforms ( including social media) . Your Label will receive 85% of Net Sales . Everything is transparent . We also have a one time payment option as well where you will retain 100% of Net profits . For More info on this topic contact us text: (910)-632-0720


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