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Did NASA’s Spirit Capture a UFO??

Independent UFO hunters found what they claim to be a ufo in a image sent back to earth out of thousands of photos .

Some say it might be debris but the public is not buying it .According to reports NASA Spirit rover was originally on a 90 Mission that turned into 6 years..

see video:


This is not the first time an anomaly has shown up on Mars photos . Back in the early 2000s a mysterious light appeared in photos . NASA made one claim that it could be the sun. You be the judge .


This year The United States Congress had a hearing on UFOs . This came after the pentagon was forced to make a disclosure on classified sightings. This Request was made as part of a Covid relief package . To this day I still don’t understand that one.

Since then UFO sightings escalated. Today there seem to be more transparency on the topic publicly . This has been a concern for the fact that William Cooper ( Ex CIA Agent) made the claim of project blue beam . This project states that fake UFO attacks and interactions will be made tor the public to believe therefore giving another reason for Martial Law . There is a claim by independent experts that a majority of the sightings are fake , and that the Fake videos make mainstream media while others just remain unseen or only temporary viral videos .


North Carolina is a Hot Spot for UFO sightings. It ranks in the top 10 And has for years .


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