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How to download beats from YouTube ( The right way)

As a recording artist, there may be times where you will need to download A beat from YouTube. No problem just go to your favorite YouTube downloader and boom a few click , download and you’re ready , Right ?? Maybe not.

Someone at Youtube got smart , real smart . They somehow found a way to disable your favorite YT Downloader . And of those that haven’t been disabled are not working properly. One of the main issues that I personally experienced was empty downloaded beats that had no sound . The name shows up as well as the length of the beat however there is now wave nor sound .

Now being forced out of your comfort zone , there are many other YT Downloaders that you must sift through. Before I share the Downloader I presently use I just want to share a few key concepts in case you find yourself own your own search for what ever reason .


What to look for in a YT Downloader:

No matter which online based YT downloader you use , there are very important settings that must be in place . If you come across Downloaders that do not give you options to optimize your download then pass it by.

*** Just because it work on your phone does not mean it will work in the Studio . Many times Artist email me beats that they downloaded . However when loaded into the session the Audio file has no sound, it doesn't even print a wave . The sites I share on this post have been tested and work. But wait before you just go download crazy, let’s just make one major adjustment that will affect the very quality of your song .


Look For ➡️➡️ MP3 320 kbps

by default you may notice that a majority of YT Downloaders start at 128 Kbps . Why? It’s simple , it take up less space and process faster . In other words it’s easier on their system , but at your expense.

what is kbps⁉️:

In the U.S., Kbps stands for kilobits per second (thousands of bits per second) and is a measure of bandwidth (the amount of data that can flow in a given time) on a data transmission medium. The higher the number the better the quality. How ever it will take up more storage space being a larger file . MP3 320 Kbps is a high quality MP3 file that some say even compare to .Wav files. what ever the case a greater portion of the music you listen to everyday is in this format ( Yes Radio As Well).

(note this free Downloader will have pop ups . Just x the screens as they come up )

2: Copy url from YouTube video . This can be done by clicking the share button on the YouTube video. After that you will see share options , select copy link or equivalent. Use this link to paste into the insert area.

3 Change default kbps. Notice that it start by default as 128 kbps . This quality is poor and no matter the mix or master , songs that begin with this low quality will remain as such. click on the kbps area and change that setting to 320 kbps

4 . Once changed to the proper setting you will be given the option to download the file ( Beat) in that format .


This site is another one of my suggested sites for downloading Youtube Beats . Its Clean .The concept is the same as others . Copy a share link paste it into the blank field .

Notice the Audio options . If the YT Downloader of your choice dosent allow you to convert the Youtube Video into this format leave it alone.

The above YT Downloaders will also work on your personal device ( Well your cell phone ) . The beats will also be converted and downloaded into the Highest used MP3 settings today.


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