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Introducing YOGI BEATS ( 4NFTBEATS )

Updated: May 6, 2022

Yogi Beats is a young Producer based in NJ . He can also be found online as Yogi Beats.

1515 Media / 4NFTBEATS collaborated with Yogi Beats and created a NFT Marketplace exclusively for his Beats .

We used the Polymatic Block chain for low cost gas and transaction fees ( fees below 1 cent). Each beat has been minted 10 times . In english that mean that a total of 10 NFTs have been created for each beat.

Non Exclusive or Exclusive : In situations where full exclusive rights are desired of a beat artists or labels can simply purchase all 10 NFTs . Or some may even desire to purchase a NFT of a beat for a future resale .

NFT Beats can be purchased by anyone with a Crypto wallet or Credit/ Debit Card. once purchased the owner (purchaser ) of the NFT has a right to sell it for what ever price they want . As beats resale Yogi Beats will receive 10% commission from all future resales. This will also benefit him as his catalog grows. Check out Yogi Beats on the link below . If you are a opensea user make sure you hit the like button to support his movement .

NOTE: other producers interested in selling beats as NFTs contact us



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