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Lil Wayne assassination plot 😮

Before I start I must mention that this is alleged information. But at this point it’s not too far fetched .

At the beginning of Young Thugs career he and Lil Wayne wasn’t seeing eye to eye. At one point Young Thug was said to be making a Carter Album . Lil Wayne used that name as sort of a brand for his previous albums .

The prosecutors are going hard o. Gangs in ATL so we dont really know

what’s next .


This not the first time a rumor like this

Was in the streets with the exact same parties involved .

This was a big deal years ago , it even reached the point where Birdman himself had to make a public statement about the allegation.

In 2015 the Washington Post released a article about this subject . In the headline it even spoke of an indictment.

Now fast forward to 2022 and this topic is resurfacing. This time it’s with Young Thug behind bars on Rico Charges . All we can do now is see how all of this play out but it doesn’t look good . Not at All…

Go to 4:30 min . It mention that YSL was responsible for shooting at Lil Wayne tour bus .


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