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Mastering vs Mixing Services

Mastering vs Mixing

What is Mastering ?

Short Answer :The Mastering process is the last step in finalizing your Album, EP or Even Mixtape.

When done effectively it will make all of the songs on your project match each other (close as possible).

Why is it necessary?

Ans: As you record your Album , you may have used different producers , engineers or just different mixing environments. By doing so you can expect that each song will have its own unique EQs or volume levels. Mastering will help bring these different unique levels into a uniformed processed sound.

Can I Master 1 song ?

Ans: I often hear people stating that they sent a SONG off for mastering . This in my opinion defeat the purpose of mastering and instead can be considered more of a 2nd Mix or a sort of sweeting mix of a 2 track ( Mixdown Song).

Remember that the true use of mastering a Album is to make all the songs match close in volume and dynamics. With that being said why or how could / would you consider to master one song ?

Mastering a Single :

Mastering a single can be an exception if the single has different versions ( Radio Edit Instrumental etc. before release.

What else is does Mastering accomplish?

Ans: Although we are not to get Mastering confused with mixing , there will be times where it is necessary to sweeten a 2 track mix to make it fit into your project properly. This can be done on a individual songs or entire Album . This may involve but not limited to EQing Compression Limiting or Maximizing.

What is Mixing ( Mixdown) ?

Short Answer :

Mixing is taking all if the individual tracks (sometimes called STEMS) and rendering them to a 2 track (Left- Right) WAV , MP3 etc. By doing so allows the song you recorded to be played in standard players. This process depending on the genre , artist sound and beat quality may utilize a multitude of VST Effects and other sound processing modules.

Question: Do the songs have to be recorded in Pro Tools?

Ans: Avid Protools is some of our Engineers DAW of choice.

How ever we can Mixdown songs recorded on pretty much anything as long as you are able to supply the track out or STEMS. A majority of the DAWs in use today have a feature that will allow to to export these files ..

Question : I recorded on Protools can I just send the session.

Ans: Although Protools is one of our choice DAWs it would be highly recommended that all tracks should be exported as individual tracks commonly called STEMs today.

Many Protool Engineer have their DAW set up for their individual tastes,

So many 3rd party Plugins that one engineer may have the other may not .

Question: After I Recorded my song I was given a copy is that a Mixdown ?

Ans: Yes that is a Mixdown . Again Mixing Down is the process of taking the multiple tracks that make up your recorded down to a single Left and Right Stereo Track .

But that does not have to be the end of it . Many songs require a 2nd mix for many reasons . It is not always good practice to record and mix in the same session but its done 98% of the time . Artists should do thier best to keep the recording session for this reason .

Now the Long Answer for you Nerds:

Sound is everything , as a recording artist your sound can be your very 1st impression.

Even on Youtube video platform it has been stressed over and over again how important sound quality is . Mastering your Album / EP/ Mixtape is a very very important step if not thee most important .

Recording songs for your project at multiple studios is nothing new. But different studios and Engineers may have mixes that do not go well together back to back while listening.

Some songs may be louder than others or my need a bass boost or reduction depending . Our mastering service will to the best of our ability with the supplied songs make them all work in concert with one another and deliver the vibe your project demand.

After your songs are mixed, it is not Good practice to upload songs to a distributor without getting it mastered first . It wont take too long for computer software to detect the inconsistent volume levels. Once detected you can expect your project to always remain in the rear of others. Streaming services will promote high quality content over something that is just thrown together . This is a competitive industry and its not for the half Ass presentations, we live in a Youtube Short Tik Toc world where 15sec is enough to tell an entire story .



Mixing and Mastering Services

Our Mastering Service include :

* File Download/Upload

* Track Renaming (Meta Data)

* Tape Saturation

* Full Realtime Signal Processing

* Stereo Widening

*Song Arrangement (Trim and Fades)

* 320 Kbps Mp3 or WAV (upon request)

*Full Album/EP Version Master

*Loudness Maximization

*Bass Enhancement

*Other Dynamic Processing

Our Mixing Service include :

* 2 Mixdown Revisions

* 320 Kbps Mp3 (or 44.1 Hz Wav)

* Pro Tools DAW and Industry Standard VSTs

*Vocal Mixing and arrangment

*Instrumental and Accapella

*Tracks are returned to the customer as stereo 16bit 44,100hz WAV or 320 Kbps MP3 file with -2db of headroom ready for mastering – If you would like your track supplied with more headroom that -2db please feel free to add this as a note to your order

Service Costs :

Mastering Rates: $60 per single song (up to 7 minutes long) $50 per song for 2 to 5 songs (up to 7 minutes each) $45 per song for 6 or more songs (up to 7 minutes each) $10 per song - additional per song over 7 minutes long (for songs over 10 minutes long - we'll work something out!) $25 per alternate version of a song (vinyl optimized, instrumental, vocal only, radio edit, etc.) $25/song to remaster a revised mix (when you change a song after I’ve already mastered it) $5/song to incorporate analog tape

$50 flat fee - additional to attend the mastering session.

$0 -- Free mastering revisions (2)- This does not include remastering revised mixes - see above

****** Special Offer Complete Album Mastering $300 Until Offer ends *****

Mixing Rates

Basic Mixing $200

  • Stereo Beat and 15 Vocals tracks or Less

  • Digital Mixing

  • Analog Mastering

  • Auto-tune pitch correction (Auto Tune may not work with all projects)

  • 2 revisions ( additional revisions @$20)

Mix Master Pro: $350

  • Unlimited Stems (tracks)

  • Hybrid Analog/Digital Mixing

  • Digital Mastering w/tape Saturation

  • Auto-Tune Vocal Correction

  • Beat Mixing (stems)

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • Instrumental, Acapella, and Radio Mix

  • Music Stems

Instructions for file uploads

To Ensure the best quality Mix or Master avoid sending tracks that have been normalized or Limited. Tracks that are pre mastered or "Track Slammed"my not always give the best results.

File Sharing : WeTransfer

Email WeTransfer link to : J.REESE [ ]

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