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Moving Mystery Clouds | UFOs or Project Blue Beam Holograms???

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Are these strange cloud sightings a natural phenomena? Or could they possibly be a UFO ? Maybe even project Blue Beam??

Strange moving clouds have been reported for decades if not thousands of years.. Even in the Bible you will see references where Moses and his tribe was led by a cloud during the day and the pillar of light during the night time. Exodus 13:21.


Some of you may remember a 2010 incident in South Africa where a multitude of people claimed to see the Virgin Mary in the sky.. while some say it is ithe blessed mother Mary others claim it is a product of project blue beam.


So what is Project Blue Beam ?

The short answer is that The elites will utilize holographic technology to deceive the masses. It is said the deception will come by way of fake uFOs and even religious figures floating in the sky.

Also stated Within the popular claim is that this will be done to control the minds of the masses .It has since been Downplayed as a conspiracy theory. However with a Google search you'll find that project blue beam is a Real Project and is said to be discontinued as mentioned in the national archives.


Bill ( William ) Cooper on Project Blue Beam

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