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NBA Youngboy Refuse to resign to Atlantic for 25 Million 😯 (was it a mistake)

Record deals are not what they used to be . In my book Selling Beats as NFT I mentioned that recording Artists are rejoicing when labels let them go.

This was the case with Pusha T being released off of Kayne West Label . Record deal was short for Recording Deal. It used to be far more expensive to record a song than it is today . You had to have a room full of outboard equipment, several Musicians and at times writers . The Record label who often had their own recording studio would foot the expenses as well as others incurring to bring the project to completion. With this they then became co owners and the rest is what it is …

Fast forward to today . Artists have the ability to have Youtube Channels. FB Instagram and other platforms to promote their brand . Now we’re at the point where labels are not really needed as much as far as recording go. But they still find those way in. NBA Youngboy is just one of the first of his age range to embrace what independence really is . With this mentality he no doubt will never be Broke again …


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